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One major attraction for Portable Document Format or PDF is that once a document has been saved in this format it can neither be altered nor edited. This ensures that the document remains as it was intended. Another advantage includes the fact that the PDF format allows for easy sending and receiving over the internet. Additionally accessing a document saved in or converted to the PDF format is easy since the software required to view is freely and universally available. The PDF format is also compatible with just about every operating system, computing device and even mobile devices.

But how do you convert a Word document to a PDF one to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits? Well, there are two major ways to go about it.

  1. Using external conversion tools and softwares such as Word to PDF converter, PDF Creator etc.
  2. Using add-ons that are available for Microsoft Word.
  3. Using online services.

Use of add-ons

Using add-ons to convert a Word document finds favour with a lot of people because it is free and is easy to use because once installed you will be able to use it from within the Microsoft Word software.

Steps for downloading and installing add-ons

  1. Visit the Microsoft website and look for the Word-to-PDF add-on.
  2. Once you have located the add-on download and install it on your computer.
  3. Launch the Word document that you want to convert to a PDF format.
  4. Click on the Microsoft Word Office button and scroll down until you get to the option of ‘Save As’.
  5. ‘Save as’ will present you with a variety of options. Pick the PDF option as shown below.

Use of external conversion tools and softwares

There are several Word to PDF conversion applications and tools that are available. Some of the most popular include PDF Creator and Word to PDF Converter.

Word to PDF Converter

Word to PDF Converter can produce PDF files from various kinds of Word documents including those with such extensions as .rtf, .dot, .dotx and .docm besides the more common .doc and .docx. Word to PDF Converter does not require you to have installed Adobe Acrobat in order for you to be able to perform a conversion. This converter has multi-language support and will work with the following languages: Russian, English, Pashto, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, French, Gujarati, German, Urdu, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Farsi and many others. This application will work with most Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Use of online conversion tools

There are various online services which you can use to convert your word documents to PDF files. One great advantage of the online services is that you can perform batch conversion which is time saving. The other major attraction is of course the fact that most of them are completely free. Some of the online Word to PDF converters include Doc2pdf among others. To use online converters all you have to do is upload the document to the servers of the conversion service provider. After conversion you can save the document to your computer or have it sent to your email address. To ensure privacy most of the online converters will permanently delete all your files after some time has elapsed.

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