What is IP Address & How to Know My IP Address

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The full form of IP is Internet Protocol, IP address is an exclusive numerical or a unique number given to each and every device that uses internet for communication. Here, device indicates computer or any electronic device that is capable of accepting and using the internet for communication. IP address is a unique identity numerical assigned and maintained by IANA to each and every electronic device (that uses internet for communication) for location identification and network identification. The full form of IANA is Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

The IP Address serves 2 purposes, they are, since IP address is a unique numerical so, the user can be identified with that particular numerical code and the other purpose is to identify the users location or to identify the address of the user I.e. it grabs the location or the address of the host by using the network interface. Then you must be wondering why I should know my IP address and what is the importance of knowing my IP address etc.

Why I Should Know My IP Address?

As I said earlier, IP address is the unique number that is used to identify a computer or an electronic device on the Internet or a local network. There are lot of uses and the IP address plays a very vital role while we are on the internet for emailing, checking social media networks, online shopping, banking, browsing etc.  because the IP address is used as unique address that helps to establish connection between the systems. Besides, IP address enables a system to be identified by the other systems, this identification helps a lot while we are browsing on the internet because without the IP address no network can recognize you, i.e. no identification means no communication.

Importance of IP Address:

  • IP Address helps you to determine your internet speed.
  • IP Address Lookup.
  • IP Address gives you recognition and that identity establishes connection between you and the other systems globally.
  • IP Address enables you get the planetwide information.

How IP Address Enables You to get Information?

Since IP address is the unique number assigned to a particular device, it helps you to establish the connection between you and the other systems i.e. for example, whenever you search for any information or an application or you search for the information to seek from a website, the related information or the related application or the related information conveying websites will be displayed exclusively on your screen it is because of your IP address. Whenever anyone searches for information or for an application, the protocol will be send to the host from the source computer in the form of IP packets. These IP packets are responsible for transferring information or data safely from one computer to another or from one device to another.

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What is a IP Packet?

Before knowing about the IP packet let us try to understand what is a packet, in normal language packet is a unit of communication and transmission that contains control information and the user data. Now coming to the IP packet, IP packets can pass between two or mor points of communication. IP Packet or Internet Protocol packet is a logical structure that contains a definite map or geography which enables the IP packets to understand upon receipt (may be request or a ticket). Whenever you search for information or for an application, the protocol will send the data from the host to the source computer in the form of logical structures called IP packets. These IP packets are responsible for transferring information or data safely from one computer to another or from one device to another so, the source computer will send the data in the form of IP packets where the receipt has been raised by the host. These IP packets contain two major parts they are

  • IP Packet Header
  • IP Pay Load

What is IP Packet Header?

IP Packet Header or Internet Protocol Header being most important part of the IP packet, it contains information like Internet Protocol Version, Internet Protocol addresses of both the source and the destination computers, length of the Internet Protocol packet.

What is IP Pay Load?

IP Pay load or Internet Protocol pay load is the second part of the IP packet, it is a low level compression protocol that is used by the IP packet to transmit the data safely even in the slow internet connections.  

What is TCP?

The full form of TCP is Transmission Control Protocol, TCP is the most important protocols among Internet Protocols. TCP is the base protocol that started in the initial stages of the network formation so the entire series of the internet protocols is either called TCP – Transmission Control Protocol or IP – Internet Protocol. Transmission Control Protocol is reliable and connection oriented which delivers bytes between the hosts through a IP network. The basic duty of the TCP is to make sure the data provided through IP network is safe and secured. The most important duty of the Transmission Control Protocol is to control the Internet traffic. The most important application on the internet like the world wide web, remote administration, file transfer, email etc are dependent on Transmission Control Protocol.

What is Router & How to Identify a Computer by Using Router?

Router is networking tool designed to transfer data packets between computer networks. The basic duty of the router is to forward the IP data packets between the computer and the internet. Routers can be connected to two or more data lines of different networks. In general, whenever an IP data Packet reaches through any one of the data lines to the router, router recognises the IP data packet with the help of the network address and forwards the data packet to the exact destination computer connected in the network. Similarly, in the same way one can identify a computer by using a router by using the network address.

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