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Power Point is easily the most widely used software for presentations. But a point comes when you want to enrich your presentation with more than the usual suspects – charts, video files, audio files or animations and instead want to use a ready made PDF document. So how do you transfer the Portable Document Format pages or slides onto your PowerPoint document? The first thought that probably comes to mind is to copy the PDF file and then paste it onto a blank PowerPoint document. This however will just result in a messy document. What you need to do is to convert the PDF document to a PowerPoint document. There are softwares and cloud services you can use to do this.

Free PDF To PPT Converter

The Free PDF To PPT Converter is intuitive and therefore user-friendly. It is especially suited for situations where you have multiple PDF files you want to convert to PowerPoint. Besides being reliable the Free PDF To PPT Converter is fast.

Able2Extract Converter

The one distinguishing feature of the Able2Extract Converter is the high quality of the document that emerges after the conversion. It is also compatible with the major operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, Fedora’s Linux and Ubuntu’s Linux. It is easy to use and converting documents requires only a few clicks. A free trial version is also available for a limited period.

PDF Converter Elite 4

Billing itself as a comprehensive and advanced conversion tool, the PDF Converter Elite 4 comes with numerous features including turning a PDF document into a PPT slide that’s editable in an instant. To test run it, a free trial is downloadable.


While PowerPoint is an extremely popular software for presentations and highly unlikely to be dethroned from that spot anytime soon, it’s beaten hands down by PDF with regards to distribution or printing. Thus when you want to print and/or distribute a presentation the best candidate for that is PDF.

Below are the steps to take when you want to convert PowerPoint to PDF right from the presentation software itself for users of the Windows operating system:

  1. Open the file menu.
  2. When presented with an option to ‘Save as type’ choose PDF under the extension of .pdf. If after saving you want the file opened, check ‘Open file after publishing’. For high quality printing of the document you need to click on “Standard”. You could also opt for a reduced file size which obviously compromises the quality of printing and for this you click on ‘Minimum size’
  3. Once you are done click OK.

Besides converting PPT to PDF from the PowerPoint software itself there are other options available.

Smallpdf.com Converter

This is an online tool where all you have to do is upload the PowerPoint document and then it’s converted for you. The beauty of it is that it offers multi-platform support.

Online2pdf.com PPT to PDF Converter

This is another online tool where all you have to do to get your PPT files converted to PDF is to upload the particular document or documents. The maximum size of a single file that can be converted by the Online pdf PPT to PDF Converter is 50 megabytes. You can convert up to 20 files though but you have to ensure that when put together they don’t exceed 100 megabytes.

PDF Editor: How to Convert PDF to Word Explained on YouTube:

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