PDF to Excel

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When data are already contained in a PDF file and you want to use Excel spreadsheets, it can be tedious and time consuming to transfer the data by re-entering manually. Fortunately that doesn’t have to be the case because there are tools and applications that can be used to convert a PDF file to an Excel file without losing the formatting. All the text and the numbers in the PDF document will be retained as will be the tables, charts and columns. This means for instance that if a PDF file contained data that consisted of an order list of items plus their quantities, the PDF document could still be converted to an Excel file and therefore making it possible to reformat the data, sort or even do calculations.

There are several tools and softwares you can use to perform this function. They include Power PDF, Able2Extract, PDF2EXCEL and other cloud services.

Power PDF

One of the distinct features of Power PDF is that you can select the specific data you want to export as an Excel file instead of the whole document. It is fast and maintains high accuracy.


With Able2Extract accurate output is one of the unique features. Tables are converted with rows and columns intact. What’s more you can take the software for a test run for free.


Besides converting documents saved in the PDF format to spreadsheets, PDF2EXCEL also allows for merging, editing and unlocking of PDF documents.

Excel to PDF

Converting an Excel document to a PDF one is sometimes necessary for viewing to be possible on a wide cross section of platforms or to simply ensure that the data are not edited or altered in any way. This is usually the case when the document is going to be handled by many people some of whom might alter unintentionally or out of mischief.

There are various softwares and cloud services available for converting Excel documents to PDF ones. These include Free Excel to PDF Converter and other online tools.

Free Excel to PDF Converter

With Free Excel to PDF Converter it is possible to convert individual files as well as batch files from Excel to PDF. This software is compatible with such Excel versions as Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2000. The Free Excel to PDF Converter is user-friendly and because it possesses a PDF engine of its own, you will not need to have installed PDF readers or creators such as Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat or other creators or readers belonging to third parties.

Free Excel to PDF Converter also allows for merging of several Excel sheets to one PDF document. Any other spreadsheet document can also be converted to PDF as long as it bears the extension .csv.

Cloud services for converting Excel to PDF

Numerous cloud services abound offering conversion of Excel documents to PDF files. The advantage with most of them is that they can work with any operating system regardless of whether you are using Mac OS, Linux or any of the Windows operating systems. They thus solve the compatibility issues the traditional softwares have.

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