How to Change Default Password on Router

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A network router is managed by the admin account with a default user id and password. Almost all the existing companies today follow the same pattern. Network router with default user id and password is vulnerable towards your personal information as well as your network’s bandwidth. So, to enhance the network’s security we need to change the password during the installation of the router. Besides, if we change the password regularly it will help us to protect our data as well as the network. There are some steps, irrespective of the router’s brand, to change the default user id and password.

A wireless Router consists of a Router device, power adaptor, and a Ethernet Cable. Most of the routers will be having 2 or 3 Antennas depending on their efficiency, coming to the top of the router there will be LED lights, indicating the power signal, Internet signal, the WIFI signal and the LAN connections. When we look at the back side of the router there is a power switch, Internet port, and the some LAN ports through which you can connect PC’s or Laptops by ethernet cables.

How to Configure a new WIFI Router?

After unboxing the new router, plugin the power adaptor and connect the Wi-Fi with the internet cable, after connecting the Wi-Fi router and the desktop or laptop with the ethernet cable, turn on the Wi-Fi by using a power switch. After turning on, you can see the LED indicator lights indicating power signal, Internet Connection and WIFI signals on the top side of the router.

How to Change WIFI Password for the first time?

Step1: Reaching your router’s configuration page

  • Go to the internet browser, and type the IP address of the router.
  • The Ip address of the router will be mentioned on the bottom of the router.
  • If you don’t find one, then use these standard IP addresses,,, or or
  • After hitting the enter button, your WIFI router’s login window will be displayed, where you need login by using the user id and password.

Step2: Login to your router

Here, in the login window, in most of the routers, the username is admin by default, and if you are logging in for the first time then you can leave the password option blank and click the login button.

Step3: Finding Wireless Section

Once after logging in to the router, you need wireless section but before that you will be in the Status window, where the details of the router like Maker name, LAN & WAN Configurations are present.

Step4: Check the details of the router

  • Since it is the new router, once go through the details and select the Setup option which is present on the top right.
  • Now, you will be in the setup window, where you need to select Internet setup option which is present at the left side top.

Step5: Selecting the Security Type

From the setup window you will be directed to the WAN Interface window where you need to select the option like pppoE, because it will help you to access the high secured internet.

Step7: Choosing a User Name & Network Name

After selecting the secured internet option, now you have to choose a user name and the user name should be the same one that you have been using for the internet service provider.

Step8: Choosing a Password and Saving the Settings

Finally, it’s the time to choose a password, choosing password is completely your choice, after entering the password click on the apply changes button.

In this way you can change the new WI-FI router’s default user id and password. Now your new wireless WI-FI router is ready to use and you can connect to the new devices like Desktop, Laptop, smartphone, smart tv, etc by using the new password.

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How to Change Router Password?

As I said in the beginning of the article, to keep the Wi-Fi secured we need to keep changing the router password regularly, because by changing the password regularly it will keep our network and data away from the harms way. Apart from that it will also protect our network’s bandwidth from the neighbours too.

Step1: Go to the internet browser, and type the IP address of the router.

Step2: Log in by using your existing username and password.

Step3: Go to the Wireless settings.

Step4: Select Change Router Password option or a similar one because it may vary from device to device.

Step5: Enter your new password.

Step6: Confirm the new password by re-entering it.

Step7: Click on the apply changes button to save the new settings.

In this way you can change the WI-FI router’s existing user id and password and changing the password regularly will keep your Wi-Fi secured.

How to Configure a New Wi-Fi?

It is the process which has to be done after completing the router configuration, you can configure the new Wi-Fi in the Wireless network menu, where you need to the following things:

Wireless Network:

  • After logging in to your router, in the main page you can see the Wireless network option, by clicking on that you will be directed to the wireless network window.

SSID – Service Ste Identifier:

  • In Wireless network window, you need to enable the SSID by hitting on the small box which is present in front of it.
  • Here, you have a chance to name the SSID, so name the SSID by choosing one.


  • In Mode option, where you need to select 802.11 b/g/n, because it is advanced version and helps you to get secured and easy internet access.


  • Channel option helps you to restrict the number of devices to be connected to your Wi-Fi, so depending on your requirement choose the number.

Band Width:

  • It is by default – Auto

Security Options:

  • Here in the security options, select the last option because it is the advanced version that can protect your Wi-Fi with a password.

Choosing a Password:

  • After setting all the options to save them you need to choose a password to protect your Wi-Fi.
  • So enter the password in the Pre-Shared key field.

Saving the Changes:

  • Click on the apply changes button to save the new settings.

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