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Converting Files from PDF to Word

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Saving files as PDF has a number of advantages over other format that has made it stand the test of time over the years. The compatibility of PDF with most computer systems makes is useful universally, all over the world. You do not have to be worried if your document will open once you send it even if the recipient is in another country.

The size in which it stores documents is also worth mentioning as it takes very little space yet containing a lot of information. Editing work presented as a PDF document is not easy, which has its advantages. You do not have to worry a lot about someone interfering with your work once you have save it.

The setback with this format comes when you need to make a few changes on your document before presenting, and you may be a way from the source document. The good news is there are a few ways you turn your PDF files into word documents to enable editing before you save again as PDF. Below are a couple of ways to do so.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Open your document in Acrobat, go to the tools menu and place the cursor over content editing. This should bring you the option of converting files to Microsoft word. In case you scanned a document and the text is scanned, you can highlight and copy. If you are not interested in the scanned text, you can turn off the optical character recognition by going to the settings. Save the normal way by picking an name and location you want the document saved in. However to access this utility, you must have a licensed Adobe Acrobat.

Without using Adobe Acrobat

The world has grown as there are a number of software and tools that can be used both online and offline to convert PDF files into word documents.

Online converters

These work almost as great as Acrobat but the risk is that once you upload your document into their system, you are not sure of how secure it is. Anyone with the power to manipulate the site has the ability to look into the files. If security is not an issue, then they will give you the results you desire. The good side is that most of them are free.

For the ones found online the procedure is basically the same. You must first upload the document, then you choose to which version you want it converted to, then you move on to convert. For instance the docs.zone offers a number of tools for conversion that come handy. Get to the website, click select files and select the documents you would like to convert. Click open and this uploads your files. Once the conversion is done, the files will be ready for download. You can access them for a maximum of six hours.

Other sites you can visit include pdfonline, freepdfconverter and many others. Next time you have a document you want to convert to word from PDF, just know it is possible.

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